Combust sun astrology

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What does it mean — from whatever I have read it is a formidable situation. I am a aquarius ascendant having uranus in it. Saturn in 1st house venus in taurus sun mercury conjunction in 4th house in gemini.

When Planets are Combust or in their own Chariots

I am extraminded person quite different from all of my circle. I am always positive towards life. Becz I think that negative is our own creation n we must avoid it. I search positivity inside negative things either our thoughts or the things we see.

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I love singing reading astrology n palmistry. Beside that I love talking to people knowing about them their feelings their views n their ideas. I respect every religion although I am a Hindu I love muslims strict rules n regulations.

My interest is in Politics too. Okey I am talking more now I should stop my feelings here. My Mercury is at 12 degrees Cancer and my Sun is at 13 degrees. I do think that I am hindered in some way through combustion. I go through periods of worry.

Combust Planet In Astrology -

I have my Moon in Libra which makes me want to have everything balanced and nice and I have Sagitauirus rising and four other planets in Leo. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for:. Mars Combust — Super Ego will make a person aggressive, lack of patience for hearing or using rational mind.

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Venus Combust — just for the sake of ego running behind relationship, wasting time energy and money in relation which you know not gona work. Mercury Combust — Intellect will get over powered by false ego. Jupiter Combust — self-obsessed with the achievement or knowledge, which will make a person poor in grabbing or making himself resourceful with knowledge further.

FAQs about combust planets and their effects

Saturn Combust — Fake ego will not let the person understand where he went wrong, even delaying in work will make him think he is doing great and everything will be over on time. It mainly effects the relationship with others in our life or at most health or vitality.

Sun And Conjunction And Combustion Of Mercury

The main signification of planet which is in combust will be altered whether its good or bad for the particular horoscope. Combustion will be harmful if Sun is the lord of 3 rd ,6 th , 8 th or 12 th house. Cause then it will be affliction by malefic planet of horoscope coupled with the combustion.


I draw the line, however, at considering that planet to be damaged or burned in any way. Those judgments I reserve entirely for event or horary charts. Ask Kevin: Classical Astrology. Overall Rating 0. Login to post a comment.

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